Based in Sheffield UK, Aitch create animation and motion graphics to help bring brands, design and advertising agencies’ ideas to life.

Our vast experience in advertising, branding and art direction combined with illustration and filming enables the company to provide a vibrant mix of skills to deliver stunning visuals and video content that makes you, your products, and your brand stand out. We provide creative direction, storyboards, the script and audio to deliver explainer videos, brand stories in 2D and 3D

We’re always on the look out to craft beautiful stories, Let us tell yours.

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Recoil locking installationClose

Installation Video
for Alcoa

Alcoa invited us to create 3 installation videos producing for their Recoil product. Each video shows the nuances between each of the products. If you’d like to see all three of the videos please head over to our Vimeo page.

Recoil lock_3
Recoil lock_2
Recoil lock_4
Recoil lock_5
Recoil lock_6
Recoil lock_7
Recoil lock_1
Recoil lock_9
Recoil lock_10
Recoil lock_11
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